Solutions Paradigm Software, L.L.C. offers a complete weighing and routing solution with many optional modules to allow for your organization to grow without outgrowing your software.




  • 100% .NET managed codebase and optimized for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Utilizes .NET Framework 4.6 (or above as it becomes available)
  • Single Executable for all applications

Integrated Support Desk

  • Easily upload your configuration to our servers for troubleshooting
  • Submit support issues directly from the program
  • Automated error tracking and all log files are stored in the database and message queued to your central server

Deployment and Disaster Recovery

  • Streamlined deployment and update process
  • User Access Control (UAC) friendly
  • Near real-time backup of configuration and features
  • Manage settings for all sites from the central office


  • All configuration settings and lookup tables are stored in the database
  • All settings and ticket layouts are stored in the database
  • Audit schema will keep a complete history of record changes
  • Application is optimized for hosting database using Cloud services such as Windows Azure

Additional Features

  • Batch reporting and scheduling
  • Quick Find Search
  • Single shared rate engine
  • Export reports to PDF, XLS, DOC or email reports as attachments directly from the application
  • Quality Assurance Testing performed on weekly Software releases


Processing in WeighStation

  • Single screen design for fast and accurate transaction processing
  • Default data entry by account, truck or transaction to reduce errors and speed up transaction processing
  • Support for direct TCP/IP, Serial or USB communication with capable hardware
  • Capture, Rate and Track mulitple materials per transaction
  • Thousands of configuration settings



  • General Report Writer directly within the application
  • Save Reports for quick access
  • Set criteria directly within each report
  • Sort reports by various criteria
  • Export reports to PDF, XLS, DOC, printer or email
  • Totals Reporting
  • Batch various reports, schedule to run at a specified date/time

Unattended Operation

  • Supports integration with a number of peripheral devices (not a complete list) to automate your scale lane
    • Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Color LCD Monitor (sunlight readable at 1550 nits)
    • Keypad/Keyboard
    • Proximity Card Reader
    • Radio Frequency (RFID) Reader
    • Radiation Detectors
    • Gates
    • Loop Detectors
    • Photoeyes
    • Magnectic Stripe Writers/Readers
    • Barcode Readers/Scanners
    • Touch Screen Computers


A popular unattended terminal includes a thermal receipt printer, color LCD monitor (sunlight readable at 1550 nits), keyboard/keypad, proximity card reader, and an intercom system. Each terminal is built to meet your business requirements with your environment and climate in mind (heater, fan, exhaust, air conditioner).


  • Accounts Receivable and Aging
  • Message Queuing
  • WeighPay (Credit Card Processing)
  • Alerts/Rules
  • Unattended (RFID, Gates, Lights, Photoeyes, etc.)
  • Insufficient Funds/Split Payments
  • Touch Screen
  • Signature Capture
  • Disposal Authorization/Letter of Authorization
  • WeighPass
  • Scale Monitoring
  • Web Reporting and Payment
  • Custom Free Units
  • Video/Picture
  • Offenses
  • Jobs
  • Driver's License Scanning
  • Radiation
CompuRoute Route Map

CompuRoute Routing

  • Manage your routes through an easy to use interface
  • Easily move stops from route to route
  • View all routes in an easy to read calendar
CompuRoute Scheduling

CompuRoute Dispatching

  • Quickly add new dispatches for scheduling today or in the future
  • Easily assess the correct fees for delivery, pick-up, container fees and more
  • Efficiently manage your dispatches from a single screen